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  • Guangdong TV host performances by beauty

    Guangdong TV host performances by beauty

  • Thousands of enthusiastic and the audience

    Thousands of enthusiastic and the audience

  • Hong Kong BO WAH staff Mr. Wang Hua singing

    Hong Kong BO WAH staff Mr. Wang Hua singing

  • Cantata

    Cantata "Blessing of the motherland"

June 28, 2009 by the Guangdong News Channel "News Online", the South King media, the Pearl River in Guangdong TV channel "Happy Pearl River", the Guangdong radio channel co-sponsored cruise to a popular cultural and entertainment events - Guangzhou Pearl River Red songs will, in Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain to start their first sea-election, and thus widened the four months of this competition across the prelude. Race draft effort to build civilian feast, through the solo and chorus in the form of praise of the motherland and the 60th anniversary of the founding of New China and Guangdong TV station owes the 50th anniversary gift.
9:30 am that day, Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain Pearl Plaza crowded at the scene where thousands of spectators tiers to be surrounded by a packed arena. "Singing to sing the most red song" Red Red song will be the first song contest election into the sea Baiyun Mountain, the first stage is the first application is 40 players and singing combination of red onto the stage singing songs.
First, Guangdong TV host with the most wonderful beauty of dance, ignited the enthusiasm of the audience. Sea election the beginning, singing team in Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain in the prestigious Choir, under the accompaniment of the band in their neatly in a loud chorus of "unity is strength" began the prelude of the competition, although the process of a sudden singing from heavy rain, but the enthusiasm of players and spectators are not reduced, still won audience acclaim. Then "Red flowers bright red" That's unrestrained emotion infected with the presence of every audience, reminiscent of the towering revolutionary years; followed by the "China Heart" and "sing a folk song to listen to the Party" and the audience familiar with the classic revolutionary songs brought to 11; players sing on stage enjoying themselves, and the audience see Le Zizi, from time to time bursts of cheers. Finally Staff Mr. Wang Hua Hong Kong Baohua debut is rich in family love song "To tell the truth" is more competition adds a touch of bright color, would be the atmosphere to a climax.
Finally, competition in the "blessing of the motherland," the strains of the song came to a close.
Red made features, driven by classic pop, mainstream leading pluralistic, sing the red cultural, spiritual home remodeling, and perhaps that is bustling, booming song of the Red left the mass media will be a valuable inspiration. (Reported: Wang)

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