1.Set up a "Union" the necessity of
  industry brand building, causing manufacturers and dealers in the market value of the strand breaks, causing manufacturers and distributors in marketing the interests of the separation, and thus failed to achieve the brand of furniture from the industry, the real brand name to market brand breakthrough, the brand can not truly reflect the market value.

With the increasingly fierce competition, a lack of market system construction, brand-building deep-seated contradictions have become increasingly exposed. If you do not reform, partnership firms, if not for market brand-building, manufacturers and distributors will gradually into the corner. Change of such a market model and vendor relationships, a provider of non-power of a plant can be done, must be the industry's consolidation, forming a close alliance to face. Especially in the common face of the financial tsunami, a critical moment, if the firms have formed a marketing alliance in close co-operation, re-new market system, in order to cope with difficulties, in order to build for the future of the brand market, open up new base platform.

2."Alliance" of the nature and purpose of
  1、"Union" name: "Hong Kong furniture" market the brand alliance.
  2、"Alliance" by the International Furniture Decoration Industry (Hong Kong) Association has sponsored the creation, under the association, an independent corporate body, an independent registered in Shenzhen Trade and Industry to carry out market commercial run independently.
  3、Start-up capital by the International Furniture Decoration Industry (Hong Kong) Association of pre-allocated 200,000 yuan to reflect the "association organized and staged, the association led development" an operating principle.
  4、"Alliance" purpose: internal unity and alliance, cooperation with foreign expansion, brand building systems, to create a harmonious market.